Oregon O10-6365 - 2 Stroke Semi Synthetic Oil - One Shot Pot - 5 PACK

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O10-6365 - Oregon 2 Stroke Semi Synthetic Oil - One Shot Pot


Simply pour each pot to 5 litres of petrol to make a 2% mix.
Oregon Two-stroke oil is a semi synthetic, high performance lubricant manufactured from solvent refined mineral based oil and carefully selected additives, which contribute to the thermal stability, anti wear, engine cleanliness and corrosion protection properties demanded by small two-stroke engines.
Suitable for high performance air-cooled two stroke engines such as chainsaws, brushcutters and horticultural equipment.
Suitable for use at up to 50:1 dilution.
Designed for use with engines using leaded or unleaded fuels and also for those alternating between the two.