Gardenline (ALDI) GLPC4645 Chainsaw Chain 18" (45cm) - Oregon 21BPX072E - 72 Drive Links

  • £18.90

21BPX072E - Oregon Chainsaw Chain - 72 Drive Links fits 18" (45cm) ALDI Gardenline GLPC 4645 chainsaw.

Micro-Chisel® saw chain - 21BPX - Lightweight smooth fast cutting chain for homeowners and professionals.

  • MICRO-CHISEL® cutters have small-radius working corners that cut fast and are easy to sharpen.
  • Bumper drive links reduce kickback.
  • Vibe-Ban chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the handles.
  • Lubrilink tie straps help keep oil where it is needed-on the chain.
  • Lubriwell oil holes in bumper drive links help carry oil around the full length of the guide bar's groove.
  • Top plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier.

    Chain Pitch; 0.325"

    Chain Gauge; 1.5mm (0.058")

    Sharpening File Size; 4.8mm (3/16")

    We recommend that you count the number of drive links in your old chain prior to ordering.