160MPGD025 - Oregon 16" MP Chainsaw Guide Bar - Special Order

  • £30.60

160MPGD025 - Oregon 16" MP Chainsaw Guide Bar

OREGON® Micro-lite Pro guide bars are specifically developed to meet the needs of today's lightweight chainsaws.

The Micro-lite Pro bar is designed to be used as part of a system, with the bar and chain teamed together deliver maximum cutting performance. The body made from professional-quality material combined with the Lubri-Dam and Cradle design feature ensures excellent rail wear resistance and longer rail life.

For use with Oregon Type 95 chain (0.325" Pitch, 1.3mm (0.050") gauge).

Please note that some Stihl saws may require the 3/8 drive sprocket to be changed to 0.325 pitch to facilitate this bar and chain arrangement.