91VG050E - Oregon 91VG Chainsaw Chain - 50 Drive Links

  • £13.10

Oregon Part Number 91VG050E

Please note that the VG chain is now obsolete. It has been replaced by the 91PX range. 91PX050E will now be dispatched in replacement.

Genuine Oregon Xtraguard chain 3/8" pitch - 91VG. Low kickback, low vibration chain ideal for homeowners and occasional users.


  • Chamfer "chisel" cutters have an angular shape with twin cutting corners that offer outstanding performance along with durability and easy, forgiving maintenance comparable to round-corner chain.
  • Ramp-shaped depth gauges and the use of bumper tie straps between cutter location offer excellent protection against kickback.
  • Vibe-Ban chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the handles.
  • Lubrilink tie straps help keep oil where it is needed-on the chain.
  • Lubriwell oil holes in all drive links help carry oil around the full length of the guide bar's groove.
  • Recommended for electric and light­weight petrol hobby saws with for bars from 8" to 18" (20cm to 45cm).
  • Use on bars with a groove width of 1.3mm (0.050")