Oregon Chainsaw Chains - PowerCut 70-EXL Series

November 2018 - Oregon PowerCut 70-Series EXL Chainsaw Chain

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New Oregon PowerCut™ 70-Series EXL 3/8” chain is an upgrade from Oregon 70-Series LGX saw chain. It is engineered to fully utilize the power of today’s higher output 50 - 100cc professional chainsaws.

Designed to require less force from the operator to get through the cut quickly, Oregon PowerCut™ 70-Series EXL makes the job feel like less work.

  • Reshaped Full-Chisel cutters
  • Cleaner, sharper, durable cutting edge
  • LubriTec™ oiling system. Less friction, longer life
  • Optimized ramped depth gauge design. Bumperless, low kickback, low vibration.
  • Easier maintenance features; Gold Loop start/stop Indicator, enhanced filing indicators (side/top/end-of-life) and easier to file geometry.
  • Standard Sequence chain.

          Chain Pitch; 3/8"

          Chain Gauge; Available in both 1.5mm (0.058") & 1.6mm (0.063")

          Sharpening File Size; 5.5mm (7/32")

          Stock of both loops and rolls held. If you need a custom length produced, please email us and we can provide you with a quote.

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