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Oegon 140SDEA318 - 14" (35cm) Chainsaw Guide Bar

Oegon 140SDEA318 - 14" (35cm) Chainsaw Guide Bar

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140SDEA318 - Oregon 14" (35cm) SD-DG Chainsaw Guide Bar

A lightweight, reversible low-kickback bar.

Double Guard® bars are specifically designed for the occasional or home user, where weight and low-kickback is important.

Small radius nose helps reduce kickback.

Slim, symmetrical contour is light in weight, manoeuvrable and reversible for long life.

This bar requires a 1.3mm (0.050") gauge chain, 3/8" pitch (Oregon Type 91) with 49 or 50 drive links, depending on saw set up.

Please note that all measurements referred to in this description are approximate bar cutting lengths, NOT overall lengths.

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