Oregon 95TXL078E / 95TXL078X / 95TXL078 SpeedCut Chainsaw Chain - 78 Drive Links

  • £21.00

Oregon 95TXL078E / 95TXL078X / 95TXL-78E SpeedCut Chainsaw Chain - 78 Drive Links

Replaces 95VPX078E

  • Get a faster, easier cut with a reshaped cutting surface and narrow kerf design
  • Sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimized cutting angle
  • An easier to sharpen chain, with the cutting surface matched to the file. More indicators help you spot the recommended filing angles.
  • Always use with bars designed for narrow kerf saw chain.
  • LubriTec™ keeps guide bar rails and rivet joints oiled, for less wear and longer life

Chain Pitch; 0.325"

Chain Gauge; 1.3mm (0.050")

Sharpening File Size; 4.8mm (3/16")

We recommend that you count the number of drive links in your old chain prior to ordering.