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M91VXL062E - Oregon M91VXL062 DuraCut (MultiCut) Chainsaw Chain - 62 Drive Links

M91VXL062E - Oregon M91VXL062 DuraCut (MultiCut) Chainsaw Chain - 62 Drive Links

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M91VXL062E / M91VX062E / M91VXLO62E / M91VXO62E DuraCut (Formerly MultiCut) Chainsaw Chain - 62 Drive Links.

Duracut is specially built using an advanced plating process with extra layers of chrome that allows users to cut for longer periods than conventional saw chains.

  • Specifically designed for use in tougher situations including logging after skidder extraction, felling wind blown trees, fire damaged forests and cutting railway sleepers.
  • Oregon DuraCut chain features Oregon Vibe-Ban vibration reducing cutters and tie straps for operator comfort and safety.
  • Lubrilink tie straps offer improved lubrication.
  • Oregon DuraCut chains are not tungsten tipped or diamond coated, they are standard chain with heavy duty chrome plating.
  • Sharpens with a round file, just like your usual chain.

Chain Pitch; 3/8"LP (Low Profile)

Chain Gauge; 1.3mm (0.050")

Sharpening File Size; 4mm (5/32")

We recommend that you count the number of drive links in your old chain prior to ordering.

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