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Oregon 35460X - PowerMate Chainsaw Drive Sprocket

Oregon 35460X - PowerMate Chainsaw Drive Sprocket

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35460X - Oregon PowerMate Chainsaw Drive Sprocket System
  • A complete sprocket system including a clutch cup with spline and a replaceable rim sprocket.
  • The rim floats freely on the spline, maximizing chain-bar alignment and the rim is replaceable which extends the life and increases the value of the sprocket system.
  • The system provides smoother cutting and less chain jumping and wear.
  • A needle bearing is not supplied with this particular sprocket. Please purchase 37504 if required

NOTE : All rim sprockets have two sets of teeth;

  • A free-floating rim installs on the clutch cup by sliding on to the cup's toothed splines.
  • Oregon splines have either a 'small' or 'standard' diameter and have either six or seven teeth.
  • Be aware that the teeth on the spline (which hold the rim in place) are different from the teeth around the outer edge of the rim (which drive the chain).
  • Some Oregon rims have seven teeth on the spline and have the same count of seven teeth around their outer edge. Be careful not to confuse the spline's teeth in the centre of the rim with the chain driving teeth around the rim's outer edge.

Supplied with 0.404 rim - 22270

The picture is a 'common library picture' and is to give an indication only of the sprocket style of 35460X


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