Stihl 3617 000 0040 - PS Chainsaw Chain - 40 Drive Links

  • £17.00

Stihl 3617 000 0040 Chainsaw Chain - Stihl Picco Super - PS - 40 Drive Links

Apart from Stihl's 3/8" PS3 chain, it's the only Picco Full Chisel tooth chain on the market.

  • Ideal for professional forestry
  • Excellent biting characteristics, low vibration, very quiet operation, high piercing and cutting performance, very clean cutting surface.
  • Low feed forces make this the ideal saw chain for arborists.

                      Chain Pitch; 3/8" Low Profile (LP)

                      Chain Gauge; 1.3mm (0.050")

                      Sharpening File Size; 4.0mm (5/32")

                      We recommend that you count the number of drive links in your old chain prior to ordering.