Stihl 3003 000 6113 - Rollomatic E Chainsaw Guide Bar - 16" (40cm)

  • £45.00

3003 000 6113 - Stihl Rollomatic E Chainsaw Guide Bar - 16" (40cm)

The body of the Stihl Rollomatic E is made up of three electrically welded metal plates.

The middle plate is largely hollowed out. The benefit of this is excellent stability combined with very low weight.

Ideal for all round use such as harvesting thin wood, trimming, forestry and heavy duty felling. Suitable for chain saws with output up to 3.5kW

30030006113 uses a 3/8" pitch chain, 1.6mm (0.063") with 60 drive links.

Use on MS391 models